Drawer/Cabinet Knobs

From depth in the Ecuadorian rainforest, we bring you these beautifully handcrafted, eco-friendly vegetable ivory drawer knobs. Help us save the rainforest!

Want to add a pop of color and style to your kitchen cabinets, bathroom drawers, nightstands, or dressers? Look no further than these beautiful hand-carved knobs made out of tagua otherwise known as vegetable ivory. These are a plastic-free, eco-friendly, sustainable, small batch product. We use artisans local to the rainforest in Ecuador to carve our designs, providing them with a steady income to care for their families as well as donating tools from proceeds from each item sold. 

*Due to using a natural product that is hand-carved, each knob will vary slightly making each one unique. There may also be slight color variations or markings due to how the nut was attached to its pod