Our Commitment To The Environment

We have worked very hard to make our products as environmentally friendly as possible. The biggest challenge was actually finding the right products for shipping. The packing peanuts we use are fully bio-degradable and soluble in water.

We are confident that most people, including us, have observed how detrimental conventional packaging products are to the environment. This is because they typically are synthetic products that can take several decades to decompose if at all. The box that we use to package products in is made from 80% recycled material and when no longer needed can be recycled again. The shipping box as well was chosen because it can be recycled. 

The star of this show is tagua itself. We chose to work with this product because it is by nature 100% sustainable and eco-friendly.  The nuts that we use are not cut from the tree as this damages future growth, but are collected from the ground. All parts of the nut are then used. The outer layers are used as food for the farmers animals and the farmers themselves eat parts of the nut as well. The nut is also biodegradable so will not clutter landfills if thrown away.

The stoppers that we use on our products are FDA food-grade stainless steel made in Pennsylvania, USA. We chose these stoppers because stainless steel can be recycled and then re-melted into new stainless steel. Our wine charms as well are made with stainless steel hoops and jump rings.