Save The Rainforest

For every single item you purchase, we dedicate 1 dollar to philanthropic projects.  One of them consists of supporting The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust whose goal is the preservation and protection of wildlife focusing on elephant and rhinos. Tagua is called vegetable ivory due to its resemblance to elephant ivory and it is our hope to show that there are alternatives to using ivory, which in itself will help in the preservation of elephants that are killed for their ivory.


Purchasing Rainforest Ivory products also helps keep the rainforests of Ecuador alive. By purchasing tagua nuts from the farmers we are giving them a way to make an income from the natural state of the forest rather than them deciding to cut down the trees to plant crops. We plan to raise awareness of this wonderful product and show everyone that tagua is an excellent alternative to other products that cause major impacts to the environment. We feel proud to offer a product that causes no tree to be cut, is fully sustainable, is not an oil product, and is not mass-produced.